280. D 672_11 — Leichter Schuetzen-Panzerwagen Sd Kfz 250 – Fristenplan


D 672/11
For insertion into the device!
shooter armored vehicle
Sd Kfz 250 and modifications
chassis type D 7 p
time schedule
lubrication and maintenance work
chassis No. ….
schedule-No. ….
from………km to…….km
From 1.8. 44
Preliminary remarks:
The serviceman fills in the cover.
The «must» -km apply to normal operation. If necessary, shorten after specifying the unit.
Lubrication and maintenance work must be checked off by the Pz driver and Pz-serviceman in the colored fields of the time schedule and marked at the bottom of the table.
The oil change on the engine and manual transmission must be entered in for it
provided columns on the last page.
A new time schedule should be issued after each 4000 km. According to the numbers over the colored fields of the time schedule this is planned up to 12000 km, can be used as desired by changing the numbers.

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