We are very open to all formats of cooperation

If you:

- Need any wartime special parts or vehicles especially mentioned in our Potential project section

- Have interesting wartime parts or vehicles for sale 

- Make metal casting production or other metal works which can be used in restoration process

- Need any kind of assistance in literature of movie production 

- Interested in archive dienstvorschrift manuals to exchange (for list of available manuals please contact via email)

We are looking for buying or swap German Dienstvorschrift manuals  

D867, D868, D686/1, D686/5, D686/7, D686/3, D686/12, D687/1, D687/3

Manuals Dienstvorschrift D672/14, D672/15, D672/16,  D672/17, D672/18D, 672/19


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