Sd.Ah. 32/1 (1941)

Trailer for sd.kfz. 252

The one axle trailer. Anhänger (1achs) für Munition (7,5cm) (Sd. Ah. 32/1) was used as ammunition transport trailer for the 7.5cm ammunition of the StuK L/24 of the Sturmgeschütz III early versions at the begining of war. This Sd. Ah. 32/1was towed by a Sd. Kfz. 252 armoured ammunition carrier. The box of the Sd. Ah. 32/1 was made of sheet steel and was not armoured. 64 rounds without cases could be transported in the box in upright position. A spade was fitted to the right side of the box, wish possibility to tow it with hands, or to attach to sd.kfz. 252 also has socket plug for tail light Notek.

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