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T-26 tank M1937 step 3 (back Stalingrad museum)

Restoration of T-26 tank cylidrical turret, straight body, model of 1937 year.   Stalingrad museum    Tank T-26 complete, reconstructed from various parts found mainly in Stalingrad area, is now part of exposition Museum-panorama Stalingrad battle. T-26 model 1933 type 1937  prewar tank comparing to T-60 wartime 1942 tank   T-26 stalingrad 1937, restoration 2016 walkaround,
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T-26 tank, M1937, Donated to Stalingrad-Panoramic battle museum.

June 29, 2016 after long and quality restoration for museum static exposition, beatiful prewar T-26 tank type 1937, cylindrical turret, 45mm gun, no frame antenna with stars on sides of turret according to original photograph taken in summer of 1942 region Stalingrad. Museum stalingrad-battle Director mr. Alexey Vasin.      Honorable guard company
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