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T-26 tank M1937 restoration step 2

Restoration of T-26 tank cylidrical turret, straight body, model of 1937 year.  

Step 2. 

   Most of parts found in battlefields, all world war two relic and not just rusty, dirty while stored 70 years in worst condition, they saw a real war, means before being burried they were under shots, flame and blows, everything is cracked or bent, then russted.

Every and each part and detail needs attention, holes in suspension are not in lines, track don’t move, track links difficult to dismantle, armor is mostly bent and need straighten and much welding


Wheels and their parts being repaired, return rollers are made of several pieces which is much easier to repair, then recast new one

T-26 suspension of a tank leaf spring system, has very many visible detail, vickers suspension need much attention to every small component,

Front armor plate of T-26 was twisted and bent after very powerful blow, photo shows how many directons it needed to be straightened back.

Front of T-26 tank after primer and first layer of paint.


mudguards, with their mounts made bit simplified from original


Hull of T-26 tank mostly complete waiting for suspension carriages with leaf springs, sandblasted and mantled tracks and turret

T-26 tank turret cylindrical “classical” form, most common to see on wartime photos, with 45 mm main gun, no roof antenna.


rear engine deck right armor hatch T-26 tank during restoration


T-26 tank back engine deck with its many hatches open for oilcooler, and maintain engine, T-26 had Air-cooled engine and radiator only for oil, no water

T-26 tank back engine deck with its  hatches closed

Adjustment of all pieces together to fit a hull T-26 tank and its hatches


Front and back views of T-26 tank during restoration, and mount of suspension components


its big job to do, but complete vehicle worth it!